Four-year-old Gracie Bradley is a self-motivated young lady, who loves the town park. She is bothered by the lack of consideration and care shown to the park, and has taken it upon herself to pick up trash and dog feces left by those too inconsiderate to pick up after themselves.

On March 28, the Fredonia Town Council approved, and Mayor Kimley Purvis presented, a Junior Resolution of Appreciation Award to Bradley. The resolution reads, in part: “On behalf of the Town Council, and the citizens and residents of the Town of Fredonia, it is with great pleasure that we extend our heartfelt appreciation for the generosity of Gracie Bradley, a friend of Fredonia.

“It is with great pride and enthusiasm that the Town Council recognizes that through your generosity, the Town can better provide services to the community through your efforts to keep the park clean. Your willingness to take time out of your day to clean the park adds to the enjoyment of everyone who uses the facility. Your generosity is truly an inspiration to all citizens, residents, and friends of the Town of Fredonia and our community is a better place because of your actions.”

Thank you, Gracie, for your outstanding service and shining example!