The Fredonia town council met Friday night to review certain town codes and make changes where necessary. Many of the changes will be brought to vote at the September 8 meeting.

Council began with the dog and animal control codes. They quickly determined the codes were so extensive, they would need more time to thoroughly review them.  Mayor Dixie Lee Judd is over public safety for the town and agreed to put together a committee to review the codes and make recommendations.  She stated the council would not be opposed to hiring an outside animal control officer, if the committee felt it necessary.

An ordinance regarding the cemetery was brought up.  The ordinance had been discussed during previous meetings, but various items within the ordinance could not be agreed upon, so it had been tabled.  The council agreed it was necessary to work out the details of the ordinance and put it in place as soon as possible.

One of those details would be to begin a trust fund to help fund the perpetual care of the cemetery. Another is the actual definition of perpetual care for the cemetery. 

Caregivers of the cemetery would like to see the definition clarified to allow them to maintain the grass on the grounds. The couple of plot holders maintaining desert landscaping would be grandfathered in, but from now on, grass would be throughout the area and would be considered part of the perpetual care.

Town employee dress code was also brought forward. The council was made aware there was no dress code in place for town employees. Judd indicated she had a dress code to be voted on at the next council meeting.

The town codes regarding nepotism and hours for fulltime employment were also discussed, both to be voted on at the September 8 meeting.