Dear Editor:

Local residents have come together to stop the rezoning of 30 acres in the Ranchos from rural residential (two to 10 acre lots) to a much higher density of three to four homes per acre. If rezoned, any large developer could come in and build over 100 homes in that rural area just east of Hamblin Drive, with the potential for more rezoning in that area and hundreds more homes.

The main roads in the Ranchos – Powell Dr. and Kanab Creek Dr. – are already in horrible condition with no plans for at least six years to repave or improve them. The residents started an online petition to the city council last week to defeat the rezoning proposal that already has over 435 signatures. A public hearing and vote is scheduled for 6:30 p.m., on March 26, at the library.

Kanab residents should go to to sign the petition or for more information about why this proposed rezoning and large housing development is wrong for the Ranchos and for Kanab.

The residents of the Ranchos will not be ignored by their elected city officials in favor of outside big developers. Let’s keep Kanab “magically unspoiled.”

Kanabians Against High Density Subdivisions