This is the longest winter,

Most folks have ever seen.

Anxiously we watch and wait,

To see some sign of spring.


In the past, my only hope,

That makes one’s heart to sing,

When Wade Orton wears his cutoffs,

And shows a sign of spring.


I anxiously wait for moments,

To see the UPS guy coming in.

I peek around the Dollar Store,

To see if it is … him. 


Only to be quite saddened,

I cannot sing my song.

Springtime is still in holding,

(sigh) He has his long pants on.


You are the only hope, my friend,

Stop sitting on a log.

You are the sign of springtime,

Can’t trust the dumb groundhog.


So, I plead with you Wade Orton,

This could be a real Win-Win.

Could you please wear your knee-highs,

And usher springtime in?


I want to thank all of the delivery guys who have waded through mud, ice and snow, who’s dedication has brought our packages to the door and your diligence has delivered under the most extreme of weather conditions. Please know you are appreciated, and especially Wade Orton, who has always been one of my personal favorite persons on the planet.