Kortney Stirland performed a collection of pieces by Chopin that he has been working on for most of his life with various music teachers. He expressed great appreciation for all of his teachers, and especially for his mother, who spent a great deal of energy encouraging Kortney to continue working on his piano skills.

Kortney is Kanab’s version of Victor Borge (the Danish, American comedian/pianist). When introducing “Etude #12” (Ocean), he held up an emesis bag and explained that this piece was full of arpeggios, which like ocean waves, might cause sea sickness.

Congratulations Kortney, you push the citizens of Kanab and surrounding areas to use their talents to perform, and you have set a great example for all to enjoy. About 80 people were in attendance and at the conclusion, all 80 stood for an ovation that Kortney rewarded with a rendition of “Autumn Leaves.”