Statistics of the Kane County Fair will be reported in the coming week. The over all outcome seemed to prove successful in all departments. It was a Kane County Fair to remember. The theme “Making Memories” had significant meaning with the loss of one of our precious youth still first and foremost in the hearts and minds of the communities.

The respect and love shown for Jeff Wood on several occasions was truly inspirational. Jeff’s personal livestock was shown in the Arena by his younger siblings, Orin and Savannah. It was a unique and special occasion as the outpouring of love and courage was evident in the faces of those young family members who were feeling the great loss of a brother.

Wearing Jeff’s FFA jacket as they showed the animals in the Arena was such a tribute to Jeff and the kind of life he chose. He was a hard worker, a great friend and especially a great family member. Jeff is missed, he is loved and the family he left behind will be in the hearts of the communities for a long time.

A Brothers Love

By Myrna Cox

 A brother’s love lives on and on

Through sunsets glow and breaking dawn.

A Brother''s love forever grows,

In seasons change and winter snows.

A Brothers love will never roam,

As gentle breezes bring him home.

His laughter heard in mountain glen,

When wintertime has come again.

His memory lives, on and on

In evening dusk and glorious dawn.

No! A Brother''s love will never die

But whispers hope in an azure sky.