As part of an ongoing service project, 4-H president Jake Bischoff organized a workshop for senior citizens to help them be more comfortable with the technology they use. To do this, Bischoff recruited other 4-H teens to go to the senior center and work one-on-one with the participants. 

The first workshop, held on January 11, was a phenomenal success. The 12 participating seniors all made great progress. They were assisted in a variety of things including: setting up voicemail, learning to Face-time, setting up Bluetooth to connect their phones to cars and computers, and transferring pictures from phones to computers. 

According to Tina Johnson, the onsite Activity Coordinator, “It was a great activity. The seniors were grateful to the teens for taking the time to assist them with their tech questions, and are looking forward to the next workshops.” 

A special thanks to all the teens who showed up to help including: Jake Bischoff, Brinley Unsworth, Brinley Cornell, Kambry Beckstead, Ally Haycock, Leim  Hercher, Hans Bowman, and Nathan Jantz.

The 4-Hers will be returning to the Kanab Senior Center on February 22 and March 22, to continue offering assistance. Anyone interested in participating should contact Tina or at (435) 644-5250.