This Emergency Medical Technician Course is for Kane County Hospital EMS personnel and will start with an application and interview process. If a candidate demonstrates a willingness to actively run with Kane County EMS, and shows an aptitude for the course material, they will be hired and go through a new hire orientation program before beginning the course.

The cost of the EMT course is $750. This will cover testing fees, books, instruction and supplies. For those signing a letter of agreement to commit to one year of service with Kane County EMS, the $750 fee will be absorbed.

If the year of service is not completed, or the student does not finish the course and become licensed within 120 days of the course completions, the $750 fee will have to be paid by the student.

Applications will be sent based on e-mails already received, and interviews will be scheduled starting January 14. Student orientation is January 17, 2019, at 7 p.m., in the Kane County SAR building training room.

For more specific information and an application, please contact the course coordinator, Dave Owens, at