The new Garkane Solar Pavilion was vandalized over the weekend. It appears young kids entered the restrooms and did damage to the walls and ceiling. They broke a divider and wrote with a marker on the building. A hole was also found in the stucco that appears to have been made with a skateboard.

The building has video surveillance, which is being reviewed, to determine who did the damage. The suspects will face charges and will be responsible to pay for the damage  they caused. Also, they will be banned from the skate park.

The restrooms have been locked for the time being to help protect the building. Parents, please talk to your children about the consequences of vandalism. This is a beautiful facility provided for your pleasure and a lot of people worked very hard to raise money and build our park area. Please, let’s all work together to keep it beautiful and protect it from vandalism.

If you see anyone damaging the park, please call the police at 435-644-5807.