On December 7, 2018, an Astronomical Star Party was held at the Kane County Water Conservancy District building as a fundraiser for Kanab’s proposed new Stellar Vista Observatory, which will have a primary research telescope, classroom and an outdoor amphitheater.

There was quite a lot of public interest in the project, as shown by the attached picture. Rich Csenge is the project coordinator, as well as the moderator of the Star Party, which included several gust speakers.

Von Del Chamberlain, professional astronomer and author of “Children of the Sky,” spoke about the moon and the billions of stars in the sky. Local volunteer astronomer Edwin Sheridan, who has observatory #682, talked about asteroid searching and reporting his sightings to the Minor Planet Center. He also donated one of his telescopes to the project. More information about asteroids and their importance can be obtained online.

The Stellar Vista Observatory will have a retractable roof and be located on the water conservancy’s property. This location was chosen due to Kanab’s dark skies, the availability and access for public use. There are also plans for a multi-purpose building,