On Monday, November 19, a team of volunteers with high clearance vehicles gathered at Honey’s Marketplace to load for the fifth Thanksgiving giveaway to the Navajo reservation. Eleven vehicles left that day with food boxes, turkeys, water, Bluebird flour and giveaways for Shonto, Pauite Mesa and Kaibeto. They were part of a larger delivery, which included four vehicles for Monument Valley on Friday and another five for Inscription House on Tuesday.

In total, 26 volunteers delivered boxes and giveaways for 100 households with food for the holidays and staple supplies to last well beyond the day.

Traveling all day, the teams followed the health care workers for the areas over dirt and rocky roads to households in remote areas, several without running water or power. Many of the recipients are elderly and homebound. Sometimes they were all by themselves, sometimes with family members, and in some cases with multiple grandkids in the care of their grandma.

We found one family who had gathered in grandma’s place celebrating the fact that one of the family member’s cancer was declared in remission on Thanksgiving a year ago. Our giveaway came as an additional blessing. They shared with us the most precious gift they could offer: their prayer of gratitude and thanks for the food and for health returned, a prayer for our safety and well-being. We like to extend that gift to all of those who helped make this giveaway happen.

What made this giveaway so very special was the fact that so many people stepped up and contributed in small and large ways: donors, large and small, the elementary school children who made 75 cards for the boxes, the knitters and crocheters of the Orem Senior Center who made 160 lap blankets and hats, the 25 volunteers who delivered the giveaway in their vehicles, the volunteers who helped shop, pack, unload and load vehicles, the anonymous person who left a couple of zucchinis from their crop on my doorstep, Honey’s Marketplace, Kanab Realty, Grand Canyon Expeditions, St. Christopher Catholic Church, and Salt Lake City Colonial Hills Relief Society/Young Women. These thanks and prayers are for you!

Because so many cared, over 100 households on the Navajo reservation were able to share in the blessings. And because of the support of many, we will be able to continue delivering food over the winter months to at-risk households, seniors and the homebound.

If you would like more information, contact fallis2@allwest.net.