About this time every year, most of us get in a little funk. Many presents to buy, scheduling issues, too many social responsibilities, finances are getting tight, and time is running out to buy great gifts for friends and family! These things do not always make for the perfect ‘Christmas spirit’!

But the perfect cure for us has always been to attend the annual Christmas Festival. Specifically, the Symphony of the Canyons Orchestra concert directed by Kortney Stirland! It provides a terrific social event, great interaction with community members and immediately serves as a quick restart button for all the holiday madness.

Having come from the midwest and hearing professional symphonies and concerts in numerous places, I can truly say the Symphony of the Canyons is one of the best I’ve ever heard! The talent of the volunteer symphony, led by the accomplished director Stirland, is extraordinary. This year’s ‘A Cowboy Christmas’ was no different – the music was wonderful.

Along with the Symphony’s music, we were also entertained by Kanab’s Fabulous Crooners, Red Rock Academy dancers, and singers young and old in a coordinated program scripted by Kanab resident Donna Casebolt. Larry Sorensen was terrific with vocals, along with helping Santa come to life. Laurali Notemen’s ‘Levis’ poem was perfect for the cowboy theme. Excellent job by everyone!

The entire evening was warm and charming, and served as a great reminder of what Christmas is really about. Thanks to all the musicians, performers and volunteers who brought the evening to life. The community is grateful for your time and efforts to celebrate the Holiday spirit – we consider you an enormous blessing!