Dear Editor:

Why does he write such words about our local people? Not an easy question to answer.

People he includes in his column know the answers. Those who just happen to read his column would not have a clue as to what a wonderful and genuine man this “rebel” is: a truly good soul. A man with dedication and honor: Veteran, law enforcement officer, school principal and a man many parents trusted to drive a bus full of their children to many school activities.

The word love has many definitions, and the soul of this “rebel” contains many of them. We (who look forward to reading his next column) know where his heart is.

Those who do not enjoy his type of humor simply should not read it. Rodney Rebel’s column is not kind to me, and can be brutal to the Brunner families and others in and from this community. I feel we (the “chosen ones”) understand.

Rodney, if they should ever put a price on your head, TAKE IT! The “Babe” could use the money.

P.S. Enjoy your retirement Clint, but keep on writing. You’re good at it. Real good.