The Kanab Senior Center and its staff would like to recognize and honor the true gumption and fortitude of two of our “Regulars”: 90-year-old Anna May Little (born in Kanab) and 78-year-old Joyce Brown. They just so happen to be the senior center’s most staunch supporters. This is quite impressive since they have been coming here since the Senior Center originally opened in 1979! It was actually named the “Kanab Senior Citizens Improvement Center” then.

These two die-hard ladies have been coming every single morning of every single week, Monday-Friday, at 9 a.m., to the “Morning Exercise w/DVD” group for literally a whopping 40 years straight, minus a few sick days or Dr. visits days, etc.! That’s over 2,080 weeks, and 10,400 days!

Anna May, being the wonderfully stubborn woman she is, has been using two canes and/or a walker for many years now and is unable to drive. She knows she has to stay active daily or become incapacitated.

Joyce, being the awesome lady she is, told her, “I will continue to come as long as you come…” and she has honored that for four decades so far!

There were originally 20-30 ladies who would come and do the exercises. Sadly though, it has lessened considerably since then and the ladies would be thrilled to see it grow again. They exercise to a “Low Impact” seated and standing DVD done by a 90-year-old physical therapist. I still haven’t been able to find out his name – though I truly tried and would like to since he’s been an integral part for over 40 years as well.

These two women deserve not only a round of applause, but a standing ovation. Well done ladies, well done!