The Healthy Kane County Coalition (HKCC) would like to thank Kanab City for the installation of sidewalks on Main Street. The addition of sidewalks, crosswalks, four- way stops, and soon-to-be bike lanes are all necessary and appreciated improvements for providing safe routes to schools. Kane County Commissioner Dirk Clayson, CEBA Executive Director Kelly Stowell, the Utah Department of Transportation, and Southwest Utah Public Health Department also contributed to the project.

Surveys conducted by the health department among parents of Kanab Elementary School students show a 140 percemt increase in children walking or biking to school since the sidewalks were installed.

“My concern was the streets with no sidewalks, but thanks to the city, there is a new sidewalk this year on a busy street,” one of the survey respondents said.

Another parent replied, “The Main Street sidewalks are a great addition to the community, and we hope this can fuel a trend of adding sidewalks on more streets in town.”

The HKCC agrees this is an excellent step to increase the walkability of Kanab.

The mission of the HKCC is to increase opportunities for achieving a healthy lifestyle in the geographical area by providing education and support, developing infrastructure, and enhancing skills.

To find out more about the coalition, visit Facebook @healthykanecounty.