Terry Parthemore was born on May 1, 1950, in Harrisburg, Pa. He is a Combat Veteran and the Commander of our local American Legion Post 69.

Parthemore is a retired Marine. Talking to him, I could almost write a book of his incredibly brave adventures, but will shorten it to this article for now. On his 17th birthday (he notes life-changing events happen on his birthday), he joined the Marines. Training was on Parris Island, North Carolina. The island had no escape routes, and was surrounded by deadly swamps with hungry gators, venomous snakes and creepy crawlers.  

On his 20th birthday, he and three other Marines were sent on a secret mission into North Vietnam. They went without any ID because this was a CIA mission. Unfortunately, the chopper was shot down and Terry was the lone survivor. He had to blow the chopper up as per orders to any survivors.

He then became a Marine trying to survive and get back to friendly territory. He slept in trees during daylight hours and traveled at night. Water and food became a huge problem. One night, he found himself in a sleepy little village in North Vietnam where he absconded with a local chicken. Fellow chickens were enraged and begin their war cry. Climbing a tree one handed with a now Marine-silenced chicken, Parthemore hid with the dangling chicken and slept there all night. In the morning, he was awakened by 10 enemy soldiers under his tree. He was so very quiet until they left. He then began his five-day trek to friendly forces.

Yes, the chicken was lost after being held as a dead hostage all night. Sleeping in trees and finding what food he could, he finally saw signs of friendly forces. They were not so excited about him as he had no ID, and was telling his incredibly wild story of his adventures. After hours of interrogation, they decided he was one of the good guys.