As in previous years, we are collecting donations to provide Thanksgiving dinner packages for over 100 seniors/at risk households and otherwise homebound on the Navajo Reservation who would not have a Thanksgiving otherwise. Many of the recipients live in remote areas without running water/ electricity and far from services. Several homes are grandparents with multiple grandchildren in their care who previously were not on our radar. This year, we are focusing on Monument Valley, Shonto, Inscription House and Kaibeto. Donations are tax deductible.

The food is taken to the reservation by volunteers and distributed with the community health workers based on needs. We supplement the package with non-perishable food items from food drives and donations from local businesses to provide some extra staple supplies.

A $40 Thanksgiving dinner package includes: small turkey, green beans, corn, broth, butter sticks, cranberry sauce, cranberry juice, five pounds of potatoes, fresh fruit, pumpkin pie, Bluebird flour and pinto beans.

Late donations will be used for food delivery during the winter months as we have the funds.

Thank you for sharing and thank you for helping with this special giveaway.

Please make checks to: (by Nov. 7 if possible)

Charity Anywhere/Navajo

c/o Fientje Allis

247 N Main St

Kanab, UT 84741

From our homes to theirs:

“So that all can share the joy of Thanksgiving”

A’he’hee’ – thank you