Dear Editor,

Everyone is up in arms regarding Sugar Knoll and rightly so, but is anyone aware of what is about to happen at Red Knoll?

Apparently, a rich conglomerate is starting a five-year project to mine sand around Red Knoll, and use it for FRACKING.

They are planning on using water to wash it on site, then load it on trucks to ship out. This would mean several hundred trucks a day pulling onto the highway, and which way will they be going? Through town?

Also, isn’t the state of Utah in a current drought? Lake Powell and Lake Mead are both so low, that if they lose much more water they will not be able to make power.

And now, Mike Noel wants to use our local water to mine sand to use in FRACKING, so the rich can get richer?

What will this do to our awesome Red Knoll, let alone to our water supply?

Cash Overton

Fredonia, Ariz.