Kay Giles, Travel Center, presented a letter from Canyon Lands Model T Club to each commissioner.  They were pleased with the great reception in Kane County and Kanab. They were very unhappy with the way they were treated at Zion National Park by an individual responsible for handling groups. 

According to Giles, “They (Model T Club) tried to do the right thing with permits.”  There were 200 vehicles, 450 people, who stayed here six days.  According to the letter, the group will not return to Kanab because of their “mistreatment” by a Zion National Park official.    Giles requested a reply from the county.  The commission will contact the individuals involved and deal with the problem.

 Robert Dowell, UDOT, Nancy Jerome UDOT, and Renee Spooner, State of Utah answered the question of who owns a section of old Highway 89.  According to them, UDOT owns the property in question. The state purchased the right of way in 1948.  The State gives Kane County jurisdiction.  According to Bill Bernard, Kane County Deputy Attorney, the next step is to file a Quiet Title Action.  UDOT and Kane County will file together.  As part of the process, mediation will take place prior to the court date.  

Jim Vann, one of the five property owners who claim ownership to that part of old Highway 89 said, “We are victims of a 40 year mistake of not recording it.  This never showed up in titles searches.”  Commissioner Daniel Hulet said, “This process will get the issue resolved.”

 The commission approved a request by Glint Giles of $1,000 for funding for a rodeo, which will be held August 28 and 29 at the Kaneplex.  The money will come from the TRCC fund balance. Giles plans to organize several rodeos in the next 12 months.

 A public hearing was held for a salary adjustment for Karla Johnson, an elected official.

Although there have been needed increases for other elected officials, Johnson has not had an increase other than COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) for seven years.  During that time she has been both County Clerk and County Auditor. A comparative study shows the Kane County position as the lowest paid in fifth class counties. There is no adjustment for the second position like in other counties.  Everyone present, who spoke, spoke in support of Johnson getting a salary increase.  Commissioner Doug Heaton commented, “I want to savor this moment.  There will never be another public hearing where the public is asking us to spend more money.” Hulet said that salary for elected officials will be part of the next budget process.

 The commission renewed a contract with At your Leisure for 2009/2010 for $59,980.  That includes six feature stories, coverage of one special event with advertisement in Las Vegas and Utah.

 The Kane County Recreation and Transportation Board Service District has been inactive.  The Commission plans to re-energize the board.  It was established prior to Andalex to facilitate mineral money coming in as a result of the Secure Rural Funding program.

It amounts to about $78,000 a year and is limited to what type of projects it can be earmarked for.

 Appointed to serve on the Kane County Council on Aging are: Mary Stevens, Joyce and Jim Ross, Wally Gibson, Ila Mae Swapp, Ann Voda and Carol Sullivan.

 A contract with the BLM Field Office for weed control for $12,000 was approved.  The BLM will reimburse the county for spraying on BLM land.  Bert Harris reported the county has a good program.

 Chief Deputy Sheriff, Tracy Glover, was promoted from grade 26E to 27E.

 Progress updates on the two facilities at the airport brought good reports at the work meeting.  The hanger is ready for final inspection and the Public Safety Facility is also looking good. Discussion on the proposed new jail facility was also discussed.  Paperwork needs to be completed with the BLM for the site at Kanplex.

 A business license was approved for Stringham’s in Orderville.

 Linda Little, County Assessor had several adjustments, mostly decreases in taxes because of primary residence, or finished value for some.

 Attorney Bruce Jenkins was appointed to serve as the Kane County Appeal Authority, or Land Use Hearing Officer.  It is a five-year appointment with a rate review annually.