Dear Editor:

What is Rep. Mike Noel hiding? Why is he attempting to keep the public records, regarding the Lake Powell Pipeline, secret?

Could it be he is hiding the fact that the $3 billion proposed pipeline will deliver water only to a rural area of 270 people near where he owns 750 acres of land? Many in Johnson Canyon are already on well water, so why do they need the water?

“An estimate from University of Utah economists found that Kane County taxpayers will be burdened with some $150 million in debt by Lake Powell Pipeline construction and interest, which will require major increases to water rates, property taxes and impact fees. The study found that water rates will have to increase by 538 percent, impact fees will have to increase by 344 percent, and the proposed Green River nuclear power plant must be licensed and constructed to repay Utah taxpayers for the Lake Powell Pipeline costs in Kane County.”

Is this what you are hiding, Rep. Noel, to get more water to YOUR land?