The work meeting at the August 14 Kanab City Council meeting began with Mayor Robert Houston asking the council permission to appoint a chair person and vice-chair to the Kanab Planning and Zoning Commission. He also wanted to send the chairperson to a class on managing meetings in the hope that this education will go toward speeding up the KPZ meetings making them more efficient. The council felt positive about this request and it will be addressed at a future agenda.

City Manager Joe Decker gave a brief report on the city’s plans to address floodwater mitigation in the coming months. First is redoing the retention pond north of Jacob Hamblin Park, followed by projects in the Cedar Heights subdivision, a Swapp Drive retention basin, further work at the mouth of Tom’s Canyon, Stansfield Dr. modifications up to the water tank and completion of the storm drains along 200 North, among possibly others.

The cost of all projected projects is estimated at $16 million, although this is somewhat speculative at this time pending contractual bids for those not being completed by the city alone. Grant money is being explored, and money from the new storm water mitigation charge to city residents will be utilized to fund these projects.

At the public comment period, Sherene McClallan introduced herself as the president of the newly formed Vacation Rental Homeowners Association. She said the mission of the organization is to help VRBO operators conduct their business and encourage them to be licensed and pay appropriate transient room taxes. She wants to be cooperative with the city and foster a good working relationship with the city. The mayor encouraged her to be interactive with city leaders.

Mayor Houston then announced the two candidates he selected, from seven applicants, to be on the Planning and Zoning Commission, Scott Colson and Donna Huntsman, who the council then set upon voting to affirm.

Colson was unanimously confirmed, while Huntsman won the votes of council members Byard Kershaw, Jeff Yates, Michael East and Brent Chamberlain, but garnered a nay vote from new council member Celeste Meyeres.

In explaining her reason for the no vote, Meyeres stated, “I don’t believe that Donna’s values are the same as what I think the city’s are. I believe in individual personal liberties, less government and lower taxes.”

Mayor Houston interjected, “I have personally interviewed Donna and found her to be moderate in her approach to several city issues that she has been involved with and feel she is a good candidate.” Huntsman was not at the meeting and therefore unable to respond to Meyeres’ assessment of her candidacy.

The council approved the splitting of parcel number K-17-40A at 630 E. and 100 S. into three lots, all two acres or more and thus not conflicting with the status of 1100 S., which is a P road with restrictions on it.

They also approved a split in parcel K-1-1a, which is at the Subway location on 300 S., into two lots, thereby separating the back lot from the Subway location itself.