The Kane Education Foundation’s Summer Science Program has wrapped up for the summer. Our last class was August 1, at the Kanab City Library from 10 a.m. to noon.

Our July 18 class discussed healthy habits like brushing teeth, attending well-checks, getting enough rest, wearing seatbelts correctly, and keeping our brains safe while riding bikes. The students had opportunities to check each other’s blood pressure and role-play injuries and ways they could help someone in distress.

The class also discussed how they could keep one another and their community safe. They explored ways to show kindness to each other and their community by being community helpers. They looked at ways to show appreciation for other community helpers like our police officers, paramedics, fire personnel, military officers, doctors, nurses, vets, and park rangers. They reflected on how working together builds our community’s strength. The students spent the last part of class being community helpers and picking up garbage around the library.

On July 25, Brittney Johnson, from the USU Extension, taught the students all about good grains to eat. The students learned about yeast and looked closely at yeast particles through a magnifying glass. They did an experiment to see how hot water would produce a faster reaction with the yeast than cold water. They also learned all about the ingredients that go into making bread dough. By the end of class, they were able to try of slice of bread they had helped create.

This program is design to increase the vocabularies of young kids by giving opportunities to learn, hear, and practice new words. Research indicates that the more words a child has when entering the school system, the more successful their learning becomes.

Additionally, this program gives exposure to different science subjects through reading, new experiences and activities. By giving students the opportunity to talk with their peers, parents, and other adults about what they are learning and experiencing better equips them for understanding what is happening in the world around them.

Kane Education Foundation would like to thank the SUU Center for STEM Teaching and Learning, Kanab City Library, Southwest Utah Public Health Department, USU extension and the BLM Field Office for partnering with us in this project.

Additionally, we are grateful to our teacher volunteers Brittney Johnson, Mikelle Stott, and Ashley Whetman. Please notify Megan Smith at if you have any questions or would like more information.

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