Saturday, July 28 dawned with silver-lined clouds and rays of sun shining upward, signifying a great beginning. 

Dozens of participants in our interfaith service project came to help! One house was painted. Thousands of weeds were pulled. Several immobile residents and widows were helped. One long stretch of curbing was brightened. Many rolls of sod were laid down.

Thank you sincerely to Calvary Chapel for hosting, and to all the volunteers who participated!

In the sewing service project hosted by Polly’s: Ten ladies gathered. One hundred twenty seven drain bags were made for surgical recovery. Over a dozen hats were knitted for neo-natal infants. Three hat and bag sets were made for children undergoing chemotherapy!

In the food drive hosted by local grocery stores: 100 cans of tuna, 70 packages of pasta, 93 cans of chili, 25 boxes of toothpaste, 25 bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and dozens of assorted canned goods were gathered. Thank you to the elementary and middle school students who invited patrons to donate!

At the collection site for refugees:  56 rolls of toilet paper, 43 rolls of paper towels, 15 large bottles of laundry soap, 16 bottles of dish soap, 20 bars of soap, five boxes of toothpaste, six packages of diapers, a package of wipes, and three small appliances were shared! Thank you to Tom Avant for allowing us to use his cargo trailer!

At the cemetery:  A sweet mother and son weeded along the road and cleaned the grounds, coming away with several bags of debris. Thank you, Dawnette and Brandon!

At the car wash for local families: Several dozen cars came through, and hundreds of dollars were generously given. Thank you to our great high school students who participated, and to James Clegg who provided music! Thank you to the LDS church for allowing the use of their parking lot!

The afternoon at Jacob Hamblin Park was truly magical, as hundreds of people gathered to support Maya Hafen. This event was planned and carried out by the Leach family and many more who love the Hafens! So much work and collaboration went into this. It was truly a testament to the power of our little town. 

Most importantly, hearts were touched, connections were made, and a tradition was born. Next year’s service day will happen in the Fall, when the weather is a little cooler! We invite you to like our Facebook page in order to see updates next year. If you have any ideas for service projects, we’d love to hear them!  

The Kanab Service Day Dreamers would like to thank everyone who helped out!