Western Legends Roundup is excited to again offer a fully sanctioned Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) BBQ Contest to our already exciting lineup of activities. KCBS is the world’s largest organization of barbeque and grilling enthusiasts. With over 20,000 members worldwide, KCBS sanctions over 500 barbeque events and includes competitions in 46 states.

Join us as the grillers return for the second year. Professional as well as amateur chefs are welcome to compete in this event. It is the perfect place for BBQ enthusiasts to experience professional competition, and have their cooking evaluated by the best of the best.

All professional and non-professional teams will be judged by Certified Kansas City Barbecue Society judges on taste, appearance and texture. Pro teams will be competing in the following categories: pork ribs, pulled pork, chicken thighs and brisket. They have a chance to advance to the prestigious “American Royale” and “Jack Daniels” World Championships.

Interested in competing in this year’s BBQ competition? Think you’ve got what it takes to be the next BBQ champ? Enter the 2nd annual Western Legends BBQ Cook Off to win cash prizes, trophies and bragging rights! We have room for additional cook teams. Contact Marybeth Kuntz, WL BBQ organizer, at 314-750-3253, or visit the Western Legends website for a BBQ application at https://www.westernlegends roundup.com/

We encourage anyone and everyone to form a team and participate. How about a friendly competition between the National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management – a “Public Lands Wildfire?” Or a BBQ team from the Kane County Sheriffs vs. the Utah Highway Patrol - “Arson Artistry?” Or a friendly BBQ competition among local restaurants – “BBQ Bistro Slapdown?” Or Kanab Fire Department vs. Fredonia Fire Department vs. Kanab Search and Rescue? Now that would be a real “Conflagration Competition!”

There will be a People’s Choice award again this year. This comes with $1000 in prize money to the most voted BBQ teams. Any team that decides to participate can cook anything they wish for this award. Cook as much as you want to share with the public.

You can join the fun by being a judge in the People’s Choice Award competition. Purchase tokens for samples after the event and vote for your favorite team. There’s $1000 in prize money riding on this – vote early and vote often!

The KCBS barbeque competition will be held on Friday, August 24, during the Western Legends Roundup Street Fair. Come watch the pros and non-pros barbeque on Friday between 4-10 p.m. in the parking lot behind Jakey Leigh’s and the U.S. Post Office. We’ll see you there!