The Fredonia Town Hall was packed with citizens concerned about town issues.  The standing room-only crowd listened as Carl Hughes began public comment.

Hughes raised concerns that at the last meeting, the question of a town website was raised, and it was stated that they did not have one. 

Hughes said he had found a website that was established for the town of Fredonia, but had not been maintained or updated. However, under important links on the website, was a link to the Fredonia Humane Society.  He questioned who the website administrator was, and wondered why the link was there if know one knew about the site.

He went on to the ordinances that had been deemed unusable at a prior meeting.  Hughes stated, “Until a new ordinance is passed, we must obey or enforce the ones that we have.”

Jennifer Lukus then stood to reiterate her concerns about the Town Codes not being enforced as well.

Gary Mudrow expressed his concerns.  He felt that the Council minutes were ambiguous and would like to see greater detail.

Mayor Dixie Lee Judd addressed the residents in attendance during her report, stating, “…the codes of concern are being looked at and will be discussed and changed if needed when we meet with our attorney next week.  Not only the dog code but other codes that we have concerns about. Animal control division will also be discussed and a change will, where needed, will be taken care of there also. So those concerns that you have, have not been overlooked and they will be discussed and they will be taken care of.”

The regular Council meeting began with fire Chief Harris Allen offering his report.  He stated that there were several items the department needed, but he had not seen his budget yet to know if he could purchase them. 

He explained that when he joined the department in 1996, his budget was $26,000, with it now down to $15,000.  He felt the department was “falling apart” because of it and was receiving threats from volunteers that they may quit. 

Council member, Brent Mackelprang replied about the budget, “rest assured, things are going to be tight, but you still should get your share.”

The Mayor and other Council members also expressed their support for Allen and the Volunteer Fire Department.

Marshal Dan Watson addressed the Council with his budget concerns, as well.  “We would like some input on what the budget is,” stated Watson.  He was assured that the budget had not yet been written and that the town was still waiting on the state to know how much money would be available.

Gail Sadler presented to the Council and residents information regarding the 2010 census. The theme of the census beginning in the spring is “It’s in our hands.” 

She explained that because of the low 42% response rate in Fredonia for the 2000 census, the town missed out on approximately $80,000 in funding for programs like title one grants, WIC, Head Start, and revenue sharing. “You guys are gonna get short sheeted again if we don’t get a good job done!” stated Sadler. 

Sadler went on to state that the form this year was a mere 10 questions long, in hopes that the streamlined form would improve compliance.  The questions will also be less invasive than in years past.

All information collected is completely confidential.  “The only thing the census takes more seriously than accuracy is their confidentiality!” exclaimed Sadler.

She told the group that because the census questionnaire cannot be mailed to PO Boxes, it will be placed on each resident’s door.  The questionnaire is pre-addressed and postage paid for easy return.  For residents who do not receive one, there will be a “get counted site” available.

The Town Council voted unanimously to adopt a proclamation in support of the 2010 census.

Eagle Scout Chris Black, presented the Council with a proposal for his Eagle Project.  He would like to redo the bulletin board in front of the post office, to make it more visibly appealing and better protected from the weather.  The Council supported his idea for the project and wished him well.

The ongoing water issue at the cemetery was then discussed.  The Council decided to look into the possibility of a higher mix of culinary water in the secondary water in hopes to create a high enough quality that it will not damage the headstones.  This idea was well accepted.

Finally, a recreation agreement with Kanab and Kane County was discussed.  Council member, Angie Bullets, requested that the information go through Fredonia’s Parks and Recreation Committee prior to any decisions.  All agreed that more research should be done.

A work meeting for the Fredonia Town Council is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, August 19.