Summer means the return of the Killer Whales Swim Team to Fredonia. Daily practice at the Fredonia Pool begins every morning at 7 a.m. Swimmers, six to 18 years old, are divided into three practice sessions from 7 to 10 a.m. Currently, 32 kids are on the team, which includes first-time and veteran swimmers. This year’s swimmers come from Fredonia, Kanab, Pipe Springs and Page. Lauren’s family leaves Page at 5:30 a.m. to come to practice every day. Lauren is nine years old and, according to her grandma, says she loves swim team and the competition.

The Killer Whales have already shown their skills and endurance at two Dixie State University swim meets, a meet in Fredonia hosted by the Killer Whales, and competitions in Hurricane and Mesquite. All the teams do their best and have fun competing. Veteran swimmers Dominic and Cooper said the Killer Whales are really good this year, and it is lots of fun being on the team.

As the season winds down, the last meet will be July 17 in Kanab. All teams will compete at “Beat the Heat” in Hurricane on July 28, and the championships will be at Dixie on August 3 and 4. Families and friends are welcome to attend these meets and cheer for the team!

Thank you to dedicated coaches Taylor Young and Ruan Russell and the Fredonia Pool staff for their support. Team members from the recreation organization have positively impacted the team again this summer. Alan Black has provided support with his great photos. Thanks also to the encouragement of parents and grandparents who make the team a reality each summer.

Local residents can help the Killer Whales by supporting the new Fredonia Swimming Pool to be constructed after this swim season. A new pool will be a great asset to the team and the community. Watch for opportunities to donate and support the new pool, and come out and cheer for the Killer Whales!