The night sky was set ablaze and filled with smoke as the Fredonia limb pile burned Tuesday. Volunteer fire fighters received the call at approximately 9:45 pm about the fire.  Upon arrival, the 20ft high, 100ft long limb pile wore 40ft flames. 

Three fire trucks and nine volunteer Fredonia firefighters poured 10,000 gallons of water on the blaze. Plumes of smoke covered Fredonia as the fire burned through the night and into the following day.  Many of the volunteers had to take time off of their paying jobs to work on the fire until 1:00 p.m. Wednesday. 

It is highly suspected that the fire was due to arson. The Fredonia Fire Department is offering a $500 reward for information leading to conviction.

Often the volunteers will use the pile for training exercises, which help keep the pile at a more manageable size.  However, a countywide burn ban has prohibited this activity.

According to fire chief Harris Allen, the burn pile has been a struggle for years as appliances, mattresses and fencing are dumped in the “limb only” pile.  His concern is that, because of the danger in burning these items, the county will shut the program down. 

“It’s not only illegal, it’s unhealthy,” Allen exclaimed.  He went on to explain, “If it continues to happen, we’ll have to have it open only two days a week, like the roll off.”  This would also require fencing off the entire area.

For more information on items eligible for the limb pile or if you have information about the fire, please contact the Fredonia Town Office at 928-643-7241.