If you wonder where the fresh ingredients in your delicious Wild Thyme meal came from ... get out ... the back door that is ... of the farm to table restaurant! Most fresh vegetables served at Wild Thyme are picked from the garden that co-manager Ote Dale tends in a lot behind the restaurant and at her house.

“Kale, baby herbs, beets, peas, tomatoes and zucchini – we grow them all right here,” said Dale, as she watered the large garden.

Wild Thyme is a great new addition to the restaurant ‘foodie’ scene in Kanab and will soon be celebrating its one-year anniversary.

“Look at what we created,” proprietor Vicky Myers said, upon reflection of Wild Thyme’s July 21 one-year anniversary at the beautiful restaurant, located at 198 South 100 East in Kanab. “We are proud of the restaurant, and we have a fabulous, committed staff.”

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. There was a multitude of logistics to work out upon starting out – finding the right location, cleaning and remodeling it, and getting a dependable staff together.

Myers brings many life experiences to the ‘table.’ She spent 20 years reporting for TV news. Upon retiring from that career and moving to Kanab, she co-owned and operated Rocking V Cafe, where she was renowned for the delicious desserts she created.

“What got me into the whole restaurant idea in the first place was we spent time in the northern Rockies in the national parks,” said Myers. “The food was so bad! Visitors would have to go to the local communities to get a decent meal. I said I was going to open my own restaurant near the parks and serve some great food.”

So that’s where yoga comes in. Wait, what?

Myers and friend Joanne Rando-Moon, who is now the hostess and co-manager, had been attending a yoga class taught by avid gardener, river guide and wellness instructor Ote Dale. Dale had the whole living healthy and growing her own veggie thing down pat! The three of them discussed the health benefits of having a restaurant designed with the garden to table philosophy in mind. “We talked about it, looked at the building, and decided to go for it,” said Myers. “Joanne, Ote, and her husband Regan, helped me so much in redoing and cleaning the interior. They were awesome.”

And since opening, Wild Thyme has also been awesome! It has been the recipient of rave reviews from local clientele, as well as on Trip Advisor and Yelp.

The building has indoor and outdoor seating with a beautiful, charming decor, the walls adorned with art by local artists. The food is fabulous, with the fresh vegetables being stand alone wonderful, and flavorfully accentuating chicken, beef and seafood entrees.

“We have a full menu that has something for everyone,” said Myers. “I would probably say our most popular items are the pistachio chicken, ribs and penne pasta.”

And then, there are the desserts. “I do them all and everything is from scratch,” said Myers.

Chef Kaden Brinkerhoff said he enjoys working at Wild Thyme. “I love it all. It’s a great place to work.”