Most people would get discouraged upon buying their own beauty salon- hairstyling business and it burning down within six days of purchase – before the new insurance coverage went into effect!

(Everyone is probably saying a collective, ‘Ow’ right now!)

But young businesswoman Nikki Johnson is resilient, and said she was primarily concerned about the full- and part-time hairstylists at La Bella Salon who were left without a place to make their living. “I knew I had to quickly find at least a temporary location for the ladies to work from,” said Johnson.

And spare time is not something Nikki Johnson has much of these days – to say she’s a busy young woman would be an understatement! Besides styling hair for the past 16 years, she and husband Deputy Rob Johnson are parents of five children ages two to 16!

Johnson said the impetus behind initially buying her own business was that she was already putting in long hours and wanted something to show for it. “I was working nine to 11 hours from our house. My husband and I decided that I might as well buy my own business as an investment that I could start getting equity in.”

So while the fire caught them off guard, Johnson immediately put out feelers to see what if any available space there was in town. While several of the stylists made temporary arrangements, they were all anxious to find a more permanent place to hang their blow dryers!

Luckily Kanab residents Curt and Linda Hawkins, who owned the old Ace Hardware building on 100 East, stepped up to help LaBella Salon by fixing up a temporary space in a corner of the large building. While the building had been on the real estate market for awhile, the space did allow LaBella’s a location to continue business.

“It was charming that so many people helped the stylists and I out,” said Johnson. “So many people were willing to help us get back on our feet.”

Several months later, the building did sell to Ben Alderman of Quality Printing. While he was also willing to have LaBella’s as a tenant, Nikki and Rob’s vision was still to own their own building!

Their dream came to fruition several months later when they purchased the old Fernando’s Hideaway building at 332 West 300 North in Kanab. The Johnsons have been busy ever since, making the building attractive and customer-friendly.

La Bella Salon is open at its new 2,172 square foot location and is ready to serve you! There are currently seven part- and full-time hairstylists who offer a wide variety of beauty services. From hairstyles, cuts and colors, to pedicures, manicures, waxing and lash extensions, they are well-trained professionals who know the latest style trends. La Bella can take care of most things cosmetic for men, women and young people!

In addition to the above services, La Bella’s also has two 24 hour tanning beds and a full facial spa room. While many of the hairstylists’ schedules are client-based, walk-ins are always welcome.

“Our hope is to have a nice place for our customers to come to,” said Johnson. “We really look forward to serving the local communities.”

For more info, or to schedule an appointment, call 644-3855.