On Tuesday, May 15, the Kane County Long Term Care residents went on a grand adventure. Through the efforts of KCH’s Therapeutic Recreational Therapist (TRT), Brandi Hamm, support staff Linda Camick LCSW, Shelby Oliver CNA, Arden Judd and George and April Witzke, the residents had an outstanding day.

Part of Hamm’s job as TRT is to find new and exciting life experiences for our residents. She truly outdid herself that day. She, Linda and Shelby loaded up seven LTC residents in the hospital van and headed to Blacksmith Adventures located on Hwy 89A just south of Kanab.

The Witzkes honored each of their guests with a “rose” created in their shop. To demonstrate their craft, George made and gave the support staff a dog-hook, horse-hook and vine-hook. Everyone came home with a gift and was thoroughly delighted by their experience.

Phyllis, one of the participants, said, “I would love to go back tomorrow and watch everything again.” Several residents and staff chimed similar sentiments, all with grins to support their feelings.

The Witzkes offer blacksmithing classes with one hour to two and a half hour sessions. You may learn more about the team at www.blacksmithadventures.com.

Hamm commented, “George was very personable, entertaining and very knowledgeable.” (I checked his website and it looks pretty fun.)

If that weren’t enough fun for the day, the troop then headed to Angel’s Landing for a picnic. I happened to be in the Skilled Nursing Facility just as they returned from their outing. They were all animated and chattering among themselves, still under the spell of the blacksmith experience.

Thanks to George and April, as well as our staff, who helped make this experience so memorable.