The Fredonia Killer Whales took charge of the championships in Hurricane July 31 and August 1. Forty-two of the swimmers went to the preliminary events with 39 making it into the finals. Thirty-four of those athletes received 1st, 2nd or 3rd place awards.

The Killer Whales taking first place in their events were Zachary Goldstein, Mckenna Raddatz, Jalexis Lukus, Johna Lukus, Erika Nez, Taft Ballard, Emmitt Finicum, Mitchell Johnson, Alan Taddatz, Austin Bradley, Caitlynne Spute, Justin Lathim, Justin Finicum, Zachary Waite, Jimmy Goldstein, Randi Stotlar, Kristen Heaton, Krissa Stotlar, Garrett Honey, Kaden Finicum, Preston Flinders and Hayden Williams.

Second and third place awards were secured by Lacie Mudrow, Tomi Finicum, Nellie Stotlar, Mariah Mudrow, Hunter Williams, Alyssa Cluff, Taylor Honey, Sharla Stotlar, Chris Black, Melanie Mudrow, Tyler Flinders and Dani Douglas.

With so many remarkable swimmers, it was no surprise the Fredonia Killer Whales took first place as a team at the championships. Their total points for the event were 1,864 with the the second place team more than 300 points behind them!

It has been a great swim season for the Killer Whales. Team members from Kanab and Fredonia dominated the pool at every turn. The dedication and hard work from the athletes, coaches and families were apparent.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved!