Monday night, after a public hearing, the Kane County Commission passed Resolution #R-2018-14, that would enable Best Friends to use the county as a conduit for a $25 million tax free bond. The vote was unanimous, with all three commissioners voting aye.

At the hearing, Paul Atherr, Chief Operating Officer for Best Friends, gave a thorough presentation on what Best Friends intends to do with the money. Best Friends attorney Jason Burningham told those in attendance that Best Friends would bear all costs involved in the bond issuance. Outside counsel for Kane County, Randall Larsen, assured that everything was legal and there was virtually no risk to the county.

The first agenda item in this relatively short Kane County Commission meeting earlier in the day on May 21 was presented by County Budget Officer John Livingston. He addressed the bookmobile service that provides a rolling library for Garfield and Kane Counties. The bookmobile is paid for via a levy on property taxes, but currently it brings in almost twice as much as it costs (about $33,000), so lowering the levy will be looked at when taxes are examined later this year. However, the extra available money can at this time be used to buy more books and tapes to service users; Kanab Elementary School is a major beneficiary of the bookmobile.

Also, Kane County will be looking to add a member to its library board who is familiar with the bookmobile to provide ideas of how to make the service even better. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the commission to authorize the bookmobile service through the Utah State Library Division.

In Item 2, Ashley Dove was unanimously approved to fill the vacant seat on the Kane County Office of Tourism Tax Advisory Board.

Next, a discussion led by Volunteer Center Director Vicky Hooper and Kane County Economic Director Matt Brown suggested ideas for a new building to house the Volunteer Center staff and its storage needs for equipment and other items used for events, many quite large and heavy. Currently, these items are stored in various places all over town and nothing is centralized or convenient. Brown made preliminary drawings to propose a large enclosed trailer for offices and some storage shelving, with larger items being stored on moveable trailers under cover next to the building. It would be located near the area where the new community center is being built at the site of the old middle school. This is being planned as a permanent building location and to accommodate the steady growth of the Volunteer Center.

Item 4 took a vote to delegate authority to Commissioner Dirk Clayson to represent Kane County in discussions with other agencies regarding RS2477 road issues.

Last, County Clerk Karla Johnson, Acting County Assessor Ryan Maddux, and County Attorney Rob Van Dyke reviewed the list of tax sale properties that will go on sale May 24. Because there are a few properties that cannot go up for sale on this date, it was proposed that another tax sale will be held later this year.