The UTAZ Patriots met on Wednesday, August 5. According to member Sandra Saint, the group is not republican, not democrat, not libertarian, but Americans! She explained they are basically for going back to the Constitution, we are tired of being ruled. We want to be governed by the Constitution.

The meeting began with an overview of the success of the recent tea party held at the Kanab Middle School on August 1. More than 100 concerned citizens were in attendance. Featured speakers at the event were, Carl Wimmer, founder of the Patrick Henry Caucus, Officer Lamont Smith and Tracy Glover. Chad Booth from At Your Leisure made an appearance at the event to promote the Take Back Utah rally at the Capitol in Salt Lake City August 8.

The UTAZ Patriots organized the tea party and plan to hold one each month. As the events continue to grow, they will have different speakers and classes about the Constitution.

They also discussed the recent meeting held in Fredonia regarding the uranium mines. Their massive letter writing campaign, urging citizens to attend, paid off as there were more than 200 people attended supporting both sides of the issue.

The focus of the meeting shifted to events in the near future. Plans were finalized for the August 8 rally in Salt Lake City at the Capitol and travel plans were discussed for the Tax Revolt Rally September 10-14 in Washington, DC. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend both events. Coordinator Shawna Cox explained that in order to get the $380 deal to Washington, that includes flight, car and hotel, she must book as soon as possible.

Also discussed were ways to get more community members of all ages involved.

For more information about the UTAZ Patriots or upcoming events, contact Shawna Cox (435) 644-2268.