Contestants of all ages and experience gathered at the Fredonia rodeo grounds on Saturday, May 5, for the final gymkhana (pronounced gym-can-uh) in the Fredonia Red Rock Gymkhana (FRRG) Winter/Spring Buckle Series.

Presented by the Fredonia Equestrian Club, and running February through May, this gymkhana series provides a fun environment for anyone who is interested to compete and hone their horsemanship skills. The chance to win a buckle is pretty enticing as well!

Contestants competed in barrel racing, pole bending, flag racing and the keyhole race to earn points based on their place earned in the event. Steer daubing, steer stopping and breakaway roping were also offered, but points in these events don’t count towards the year-end buckles.

This last Saturday, after the last contestant had run, total points were tallied, winners were announced, and prizes were presented to the top all-around contestants. Congratulations to the following winners!

In the peewee division: first place - Tynlee Lathim, second - Rusti Crofts, third - Batman Wheatley, fourth - Raelyn Yellowhorse, fifth - Olivia Brinkerhoff, sixth - Cody Cluff, seventh - Zoey Palmer.

In the junior division: first place - JW Reese, second - Vasey Yellowhorse, third - JayCee Lathim, fourth - Holdyn Cluff, Fifth - Naveya, sixth - Kimber Cluff.

In the senior division: first place - Pearl Bundy, second - Sky Weaver.

Novice division: first place - Harmony Ashton, second - Jami Arraj.

Adult division: first - Jessica Lathim, second - Rena Fisher, third - Dusti Reese, fourth - John Reese.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make the FRRG possible – the sponsors, volunteers, parents and contestants are all amazing!