April was Healthy Living Month and Kane County 4-H celebrated all month long by hosting activities to educate our youth and promote healthy living lifestyles.

Using our state of the art Virtual Reality set, the youth were able to view 3-D images of the respiratory system. They explored the physics of air pressure by building 3-D lung models. They then applied what they had learned by practicing deep breathing techniques and learning the positive health benefits of deep breathing exercises.

The healthy living celebration continued with an activities-based study of the benefits of physical activity and various forms of exercise including: running, stretching and catching.

By using a pre-post test, we were able to evaluate the short-term effects of exercise they experienced, and discuss the long-term health benefits of choosing an active lifestyle.

It is exciting to be able to use STEM education, including Virtual Reality and Computer Science, to engage our youth and more efficiently provide healthy living programs that will improve and extend their lives.