In support of the public movement for better funding of public education, Fredonia-Moccasin Unified School District (FMUSD) staff members showed their solidarity by wearing red and participating in a walk-in on April 26. School was dismissed early at 2 p.m.

In a letter sent home to parents of Fredonia students, FMUSD states that: “No one at FMUSD wanted our students to be negatively impacted by a walk-out. All district employees are united in supporting more funding for public education in Arizona.”

Fredonia teacher Jeanne Crookston said, “We didn’t want to leave any of our students or student’s parents in a bad way by walking out, but with the support of the Fredonia School Board and Administration, we want to show our solidarity with other teachers and those fighting for better education funding. This isn’t just about better pay for the teachers, this is so we can have art programs, music, technology, better school buildings – things we’ve had to do without for a long time. We’re one of the lowest funded states in the nation when it comes to education.”

FMUSD Superintendent Joe B. Wright commented, “Arizona teachers and other staff members salaries are very low compared to other states. We support not only teachers, but also better education funding in general. We have a history of doing more with less for many years, but we need to bring this issue to the forefront and say, ‘let’s do better.’”