In a letter dated July 28, 2009, to Bureau of Land Management Kanab Field Office Manager Harry Barber, Kane County GIS/Transportation Director Louis Pratt Jr. clarified roads that the county is relinquishing title V documents.

The letter was to clarify one that had been previously sent on July 8, 2009, to Selma Sierra, the state''s BLM director.

"The county will augment its transportation system founded upon R.S. 2477 rights with the appropriate use of Title V’s for post-1976 road segments of roads or realignments that improve an existing road. In light of recent events, however, we have concluded that it is not feasible for the county to operate and to be responsible for short segments of Title V’s that only connect to "federal roads." Accordingly, the county hereby renounces and relinquishes the following Title V permits. (List will follow.) The county intends to pursue some of these Title V’s as being within the scope of R.S. 2477 rights-of-way in current and future quiet title adjudication."

The corrected listing of the Title V permits which Kane County has officially relinquished back to the BLM until the matter of highway jurisdiction is resolved include:

U45699, Bald Knoll by Trevor Leaches Ranch-8/15/1980

UTU-82110, Pine Springs, Shune''s Hollow Road-10/18/2005

UTU-82147, Bald Knoll, Mill Creek side-3/6/2007

U-52882, Johnson Canyon Road, small piece, 7/2/1984

UTU-55664, Johnson Canyon Road, 4/15/1987

UTU-67083, The Falls, Glendale Bench Road west of Kanab Creek-12/5/1990

In addition, Pratt''s letter said that since Kane County''s relinquishment of the Title V permits, Kane County will be removing all Kane County installed signage from those road segments. Kane County will allow those signs to remain up for a period not to exceed 60 days as of the date of the letter, and that should allow sufficient time for the appropriate agencies to purchase and install their own road signs.