Forty years ago in 1978, a young family moved to Kanab. They started payments on a building and a lot, planted trees and brought their house with them. This little family had a big dream – to open a camera shop.

They knew in such a small town, a camera shop wouldn’t probably support them, so they diversified and sold camera equipment, health foods and antiques. Those were the things they liked the most, and if things didn’t go well, at least they’d enjoy the inventory. But it did go!

Terry and Linda Alderman opened their doors for business on April Fools Day, April 1, 1978.

 The name, Caine-Alderman & Son Photography, was named after Caine – Linda’s dad, Alderman – Terry’s dad (because they grubstaked us) and son Terry.

Our first customer was Dale Clarkson. He still has the camera he bought that day.

Caine-Alderman & Son has evolved over these past 40 years. Even the name was morphed to become something easier to remember: Caine-Alderman & Son, dba Terry’s Camera Trading Company.

Our inventory of health foods was promoted by Linda writing a year-long column for Kanab’s weekly newspaper entitled, “52 Weeks to a Healthier You.” She did too good of a job, because soon another health food store opened up. So, we ate the inventory and let them have the business.

Antiques didn’t do too bad, but we dwindled our antique inventory to mostly antique cameras, and now the collection of antique cameras is a museum quality display that is something to behold.

Part of Terry’s dream was to walk into a camera store where there are cameras everywhere. He has pretty much achieved that dream.

In about 1995, we expanded and opened a gallery of Terry’s photos next to Zion Pharmacy. We added a frame shop and music supplies to better serve the local folks. When the pharmacy wanted to expand, we moved all the equipment down to the original location, 19 West Center Street.

Terry did everything; equipment sales, school pictures, weddings, family reunions, matting, framing, camera repairs and teaching. He knew cameras inside and out and his photographs are true to the landscapes and wildlife he loved. He loved talking about photography.

We had our “retirement” in the 70s, living on the Navajo Reservation and traveling a lot. When we opened the photo shop, we said, “We had our retirement, now we will have to work ‘til we die.” And Terry did work until he died in 2016.

Linda picked up and ran the store for a year and realized that there is a real need for Terry’s Camera Trading Co. in Kanab. Our customers have been loyal and so we’re still here, and celebrating 40 years of photographic business in Kanab, Utah.

Come down and celebrate with us on Monday, April 2. Share your stories with us and see the beautiful store that Terry created. We’d love to see you.