St. George attorney and conservative leader Larry Meyers officially filed to run for the Utah Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate at the Lt. Governor’s Office on Monday, March 12.  Meyers declared he is not gathering signatures and is focused on winning the Republican convention in April. 

 “Momentum for my campaign has been growing dramatically since last week’s release of our campaign video exposing Mitt Romney as a flip-flopping Massachusetts liberal,” Meyers said. He continued, “Voters all across our state are excited to hear that I am running because they have concerns over Romney’s core beliefs. They say he is not from Utah and they really do not appreciate the attacks he levied on President Trump during the campaign.”

Meyers’ video was featured in The Washington Times, KUTV Channel 2 in Salt Lake City, The Guardian, Crows Nest Politics, and several other news websites and blogs, including The Drudge Report. 

 Meyers is a long-time Utah resident and a graduate of BYU in political science and law. He and his wife raised their three sons in St. George, where Meyers was a prosecutor and now works as a private attorney. He has been active as a Republican Party volunteer, as a leader of conservative organizations, such as the Utah Republican Assembly, and as a local elected official. He is looking forward to returning government to the people and working to downsize the size and scope of federal government. Meyers concluded, “My door will always be open to Utah’s voters.”