Last Thursday, Taylor Shamo, from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, stocked the Jackson Flat Reservoir with 3,000 rainbow trout. The fish, measuring around 11 inches, were raised at the DWR Fish Hatchery at Glenwood, near Richfield.

Shamo said they don’t feed the fish for three to four days before the trip, so they travel better and are hungry when put into the water.

Before dumping the fish into the reservoir, Shamo checked samples from the lake, measuring the water temperature, ph and water hardness.

The reservoir water temperature was 42°, which was very close to the temperature in the truck of 44°. The ph was 8, which is where they like it to be, somewhere between 7.5 and 9. The hardness of the water was also checked and good.

Shamo said he will be back this week with another 2,000 fish.

Several people stopped by the reservoir to watch the fish being dropped into the water. Seth Giddings, Kanab, said his son Jaxson had caught a 30-inch, 11-1/2 pound rainbow from the reservoir. He thinks that’s the biggest one taken from the lake. Good luck fishing!