Fredonia High School cheerleaders and drill team members “lit up the night” at their Drill and Cheer Review on March 2.

The performers danced and cheered their way through the evening, showcasing the talents and routines they perfected over the school year. Featuring performances by the Lynxettes, Fredonia mini dance and cheer, Red Rock Dancers, and of course, the crowd-pleasing Fredonia Boys’ and Men’s Drill, the night was one to remember, especially for outgoing seniors.

Following the program, seniors Brittany Weis, Annie Chell, Margaret Allen, and Bob’s son, also known as Austin Bulletts, each expressed appreciation for coaches Desiree Lathim and Amanda Waters. Each senior said they had a fun last year with the team, and will miss their coaches and teammates after graduation.

While the outgoing seniors will be missed, the other drill and cheer members are looking forward to next year and the promise of new adventures together.