An anonymous tip to the Kane County Sheriff’s Office said there might be an incident at Kanab High School on Monday, February 26. Law enforcement took it seriously and had a Monday presence at KHS, and will perhaps continue to do so, according to Kanab City Police Chief Tom Cram.

Kane County Sheriff Tracy Glover said that the KCSO anonymous reporting system called tip411 received a tip that could be construed as a threat at Kanab High. Glover said based on that threat, as well as another recent case with a juvenile firearm theft, etc., the KCSO offered its support to Kanab City by placing additional officers at our schools.

“We will continue that support for as long as we all agree it is necessary, “ said Sheriff Glover. “We are also engaged in an active joint investigation regarding these issues. We feel good about the law enforcement response and want to make sure students and parents know that we train for issues like these often. We will be placing a great deal of effort and resources on these investigations and school safety going forward. We have a great relationship with the school district, and we will work closely together to make the safety of our students and teachers our top priority,”

Kane County School District Superintendent Ben Dalton said he was grateful to law enforcement and would defer to them on the issue. The district’s website statement read as follows:

Kane School District

regarding student safety

“We have been informed by law enforcement regarding alleged incidents involving two students who are enrolled at Kanab High School over this past weekend. To the extent that the information we have received from law enforcement may raise concerns regarding the safety of our students, we are carefully evaluating the information and will take such steps as may be appropriate to address student safety, including the involvement of law enforcement or other agencies. We encourage anyone who may have information that relates to student safety to promptly share that information with Kane School District administration or with law enforcement so that it can be included in our evaluation of what actions might be appropriate. If you see something, say something.”

Because of laws regarding the confidentiality of student education records, we are not able to provide any additional information about the students in question.