The Kane County Sheriff’s Office warns of a couple scams circulating.

The first scam targets the elderly. They call and say your grandson or other family member has been arrested and you need to post bail immediately. They will say they are a detective or other official and demand you send them cash for bail.

Law enforcement agencies never call and demand you pay bail or a fine. They never demand cash. If you receive any call where the person is pressuring you to send cash or Western Union, please hang up and call your local law enforcement. Even if it sounds legit and you’re not sure, call us first before sending any money to anyone.

The second scam, they call and attempt to get you to purchase a vehicle warranty. They will tell you your vehicle warranty has expired. Sometimes they will not have the correct information about your vehicle. Never give them any information. If they are legitimate, they will have the right information. They will tell you they work with local auto dealers, which they do not. The number was (435) 222-1625, out of Heber City Utah. The number is spoofed.

Please be careful. Never answer “yes” to any question. Never give out personal information.

Always ask questions. Where did you get my information, who are you attempting to contact? (These are often blind calls and they have no idea of your name.) What is the name of the person who got arrested? What agency are you with, and what is your call-back number? Ask lots of questions, but do not give out any information.

Please contact your local law enforcement if you are not sure what to do.

NEVER, send money to anyone who calls and says they are from any government entity. Government agencies do not call and demand money!