National radio show at Western Legends Round-up needs your movie star stories. It is said everyone will have their “fifteen minutes of fame”…Well, at this year’s 11th Annual Western Legends Round-up on August 26 - 29, 2009, we can’t guarantee your “Chronicle of the Old West Radio Show” interview will last a full fifteen minutes, but it’s a good start. Or perhaps your memory of meeting a famous celebrity or being involved in one of the many on-location film shoots will be so interesting, you’ll exceed your “fifteen minutes of fame”. Dr Buck Montgomery, screen and stage professional stuntman and Dakota Livesay, noted radio show host who has interviewed countless Hollywood stars, stuntmen and wild west entertainers, came up with the idea that hearing movie and celebrity stories from real people who don’t make a living in front of the camera might be very interesting to say the very least. Since hundreds of movies and television shows, the majority of which were westerns, have been filmed in and around a town that has been dubbed “Little Hollywood”, it seemed only natural it’s residents had countless opportunities to meet or perform in many of the productions since the first movie crews came to Kanab in the early 1920’s.

So many of our classic western Hollywood hero’s and stars are no longer with us. Yes, we have the legacy they left behind forever remembered on film. But to remember the person, not the many characters they played on the silver screen, people need to hear personal stories…your stories!

So, if you were an extra, stand-in, technical advisor, wrangler, driver or served the stars coffee or a more potent libation, we bet you have some rarely told, interesting, and possibly funny stories that need to be heard by not only the guests, family and friends at this year’s Western Legends Round-up, but also by the radio audience of “Chronicle of the Old West”.  If you personally do not have a story, but have heard one from a friend or family member, come to the Round-up and tell it! Someone once said, “If you don’t have stories to tell…you just haven’t lived”. Here’s your chance to play a big part to help keep Kanab’s Western Legends Round-up one of the best western events in the U.S.

We encourage everyone to join us at what might just become known at the annual Western Legends Round-up as, “The Little Hollywood Western Movie Star Story Fest”. If you would like to schedule a particular time on Friday August 28 or Saturday August 29 to relive your Hollywood memories during an interview with Dakota Livesay, please feel free to contact him directly at: 928 532-2875 or email him at: By contacting Dakota, you can be guaranteed …”Your story will be told and …heard!”