“Find the Spine,” Kanab’s own treasure hunt presented by Grow Chiropractic and Knotted Up Massage, and sponsored by Mountain America Credit Union, Kanab Realty, South Central Communications, and Crosby Home and Farm, garnered much excitement over this past week. Dr. Marc Grow organized “Find the Spine” to promote health and fitness, and motivate people to be more active and get outside.

Dr. Grow was successful in his endeavor as hundreds of people combed the hills, ditches and canyons in and around Kanab looking for a spine that, once found, was worth $2,500!

Thirteen-year-old Shayden Troy, of Kanab, spent every day after school until dark deciphering clues and hiking possible hiding spots with his mom, Kaci Troy. On Friday afternoon, January 26, all his hard work finally paid off, and he found the spine in Pugh Canyon!

Shayden’s mom Kaci says, “What took us to Pugh Canyon was the clue about the ‘big picture’ and the ‘flash.’ We were thinking the movie set up in Pugh Canyon. We had hiked nine miles on Friday after school, and then we thought about the ‘top down view’ clue, and I thought it had be down in the bottom. So, I told Shayd ‘Let’s just walk down in the wash, maybe the word flash in the clue meant flash flood.’”

Kaci and Shayden walked back up the canyon, following the wash. At first there were a lot of footprints, but the further back they went the less footprints they saw. Kaci said she spotted a trail camera first, and knew the spine had to be close by. She climbed out of the wash to get a better view, and just as she got to the top Shayden picked up the spine and nonchalantly said, “Mom, here’s the spine.”

Kaci said, “Shayden even missed basketball practice, which his coach says is okay, now that he’s found the spine. He was determined, and he stuck with it. He deserves it.”

The first thing Shayden bought with his prize money was a remote-control airplane. The second thing he bought was a Gatorade for every member of the Kanab Middle School student body. Shayden says he wanted to share with all his friends. He has more ideas on what he would like to spend his money on, but says his Dad told him to save it.

A big thank you to all the sponsors, and congratulations Shayden!