Former Kanab resident Shannon (DeVooght) Brown didn’t reinvent the wheel, but she did use her creativity to make a common kitchen product better.

Introducing, the ‘Better Batter Bowl!’

Brown’s design is unique in that it’s the first mixing bowl that grips on to you, so you don’t lose your grip! A space designed into the bowl itself, allows you to slide the palm of your hand underneath. That lets you control the bowl while you mix the ingredients.

Necessity was the impetus for Brown’s invention – she needed a way to hold the bowl while mixing! After two decades of doing fingernails, Brown had developed carpel tunnel syndrome and subsequent arthritis.

“It was especially frustrating because the nerves would just let go when I’d pick up something and I began dropping things,” said Brown. “One day I was mixing a large bowl of brownies and just dropped it. It went all over the floor – what a mess!”

Brown searched high and low for a bowl that would address her weak hand issue, but to no avail. Having been born with a creative gene, she set about building a better mousetrap ... I mean, mixing bowl!

One might have been skeptical of Brown’s sanity in those initial days of inventing the Better Batter Bowl! The busy married mother of two said her first step was blowing up a balloon and setting it upside down in a large bowl. She then sat the bowl on a base she had shaped that included a space above for her hand to fit through. She then paper mache’d the whole thing, and let it dry.

“I was able to slip my hand right in above the base and under the bowl portion,” explained Brown. The bowl just rested on the palm of her hand, without needing to rely on a grip that might let go.

But while Brown’s creation was inspired, the many steps to bring her design to fruition was a challenge. “I needed to find a company to design the prototype.” She eventually found one in Ogden. “The company, Design-Tek, put it on the computer screen and created a Cad file.”

Her next step was to find a company that could make a 3-D print from the file. Brown found one in Las Vegas and she said it was thrilling to see a computer rendering become an actual object. “My bowl appeared before me, it was very exciting!”

From there, she needed to find a plastic injection and mold making company. She called all over the U.S., and basically came up empty-handed. “I was told that a lot of the people who knew that trade had retired.”

While Brown may have gotten discouraged, she never gave up!

She eventually found a company in Leeds, Utah. “The owner said he had a connection in China that made good molds,” related Brown. “It ended up taking a couple of months, but once we got it back, the Utah company began making my bowls this past October.”

Brown has been bowled over with success! “Word of mouth and our website have both been very effective in product promotion.”

As a result of a large promotional press release for the product, Brown got some really exciting exposure. Kevin Harrington, an original Shark Tank TV show entrepreneur and pioneer of the infomercial, has become interested in the Better Batter Bowl product to be part of a houseware media campaign he’s kicking off. In that capacity, Brown will be flying to Florida next month to make an ad that will go nationwide.

The Better Batter Bowl (patent pending) can be ordered for $29.95 on the company’s Better Creations website ( They are available in white, teal, red and yellow, with a beautiful matching non-slip base ring. They are impact and shatter resistant, as well as dishwasher safe. The Better Batter Bowls are also available on Amazon, or at Hurst Ace Hardware in Hurricane.

Her first venture into invention and entrepreneurship will definitely not be her last. “I’ve got many ideas,” said an enthusiastic Brown. “There’s so much stuff going on in my brain! This has been exciting and quite the adventure.”