In the first item of the agenda of the Jan. 22 Kane County Commission meeting, the UT/AZ ATV Club requested permission to use the Kane County logo in advertising a statewide ATV ride to promote the “greatness of the roads” in and around Kane County. The club hopes to get support for the event as well, and Kane County volunteer services will be involved. Permission was granted.

In the second item, Ordinance O-2018-1 was passed unanimously. This ordinance amends parts of Title 9 of the Kane County Land Use Ordinance. Chapter 3 changed the term of office for the county appeal authority from two to five years. Chapter 5, which defines Agricultural Zones, defined permitted, conditional, or not allowed designated uses in both residential and commercial zones. The Uses Table can be found in section 9-5-3 of Title 9. In Chapter 21, Article F, rules regarding rights-of-way for roads in a divided parcel are explained; in Article M, the rules for parcels within unimproved subdivision applications have been rewritten to clarify easements and rights-of-way.

The third agenda item was a discussion of a future resolution for Kane County to apply as a cooperating agent along with all other agencies managing the lands that still have monument status, and those lands that are currently no longer part of the original monument.

When County Assessor Linda Little retired, a replacement needed to be named. Since this is an elected partisan office, the Kane County Republican Party is responsible for naming an interim successor. The position was advertised, and the only person who applied was Ryan Maddux. There will be a meeting to ratify Maddux on January 30 at approximately 3 p.m. Contact the party chair, Bayard Kershaw, for more information.

There were two openings on the East Zion Special Service District Board. Commissioner Lamont Smith, who oversees this SSD, appointed John Rasperson and Julie Schultz to fill those vacancies.

Finally, Cloyd Chamberlain’s seat on the board of the Kane County Water Conservancy District was filled by McKay Chamberlain. Commissioner Dirk Clayson made this appointment, and Chamberlain was sworn in by County Clerk Karla Johnson.