The Fredonia Neighborhood Watch met together on January 12. Twenty Neighborhood Watch signs, bought with funds from fundraising and matching funds from the Town of Fredonia, were presented, and placement locations were discussed.

Coconino County Attorney Bill Ring was in attendance and addressed the group regarding current events and public concerns. He spoke of the importance of citizens being involved in order to ensure a clean, stand-up community. Ring explained the process of prosecution, and how we can help our local law enforcement. He said one of the biggest ways one can be of public assistance is to report anything out of the ordinary. Whether it’s a suspected DUI, or just something that isn’t normal, he urged everyone to: “See something, say something!” If you wish to make a report, call either 911, or (435) 644-2349.

Before ending his remarks, Ring presented a Coconino County Attorney’s Office challenge coin to Fredonia Marshal Bayden Grover and explained its significance. The challenge coin features three words – Honor, Integrity and Truth. Ring explained; Honor is something you earn; Integrity is how your morals and ethics line up – whether your actions, thoughts and words are aligned with your ethics and morals; and Truth is an objective reality that we must strive to reveal. When these three words are applied to life, we are more likely to find true justice. A challenge coin is given to all working in his office to help them remember their duties.

Ring said, “Every year we go through an oath ceremony – I have all our deputies and all our staff workers stand up and raise their right hand, and solemnly swear that they will uphold the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution and laws of the State of Arizona. And they’ll defend the same against all adversaries, foreign and domestic. They will faithfully perform the duties of their office, to the best of their abilities, so help me God. We do this every year to remind ourselves why we do what we do, and we take our duties seriously.”

Ring stressed how important safety is in all towns, and how he is committed to helping Fredonia be a clean and safe community. He ended by saying, “I am at your service,” and opened the floor to questions.

Ted Jensen questioned the safety of those calling 911, specifically whether one who reports something will be protected. Ring responded that when a call is made, an officer will look into the matter, and a citizen may be asked to be a witness, depending on the offense committed. However, a witness will not be asked to investigate or be otherwise involved. A variety of additional questions were raised and addressed.

Marshal Grover presented an update regarding recent arrests, and reported he would soon be testing possible candidates for the vacant officer position.

A discussion regarding concerns about a certain area in town followed. The next Fredonia Neighborhood Watch Meeting is scheduled for February 16, at 6:30 p.m. in the Fredonia Senior Center.