This world is full of ‘takers!’ Once in a long, long while, to my delight, I come across a small handful of ‘givers!’

Wednesday, December 20, the Kanab Middle School acted in just such a capacity ... givers.

It was a complete, wonderful day. It was a day peopled by two junior high classes doing service work designed solely to benefit others. Be still my beating heart!

Principal Mandie Luce, teachers, janitors, staff members, and adult volunteers, Ol’ Chick awards you the Medal of Valor, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star, and all other meritorious military citations. You adults and your stripling warriors deserve every plaudit known to man.

Let me break this momentous service day down into segments. The students and adults were responsible for: donating stuffed animals to the police department for distribution to needy children; tying blankets to donate to the hospital; manning a community clean-up around town; donating socks and gloves to the Volunteer Center; working to clean the school both inside and out, meticulously; and lastly, under the direction off Jeanine Johnson, taking music to the Beehive House to entertain the shut-ins. How’s that for an agenda?

And, they did every one of these heart-felt gestures with smiles and genuine enthusiasm. I never saw or heard, as ‘Home on the Range’ specifies, ‘one discouraging word!’ I can’t say enough good in regards to this eight hour humanitarian stint.

Ol’ Chick is not one to dribble meaningless praise or spout false bravados just guilding the lily. This was the ‘real McCoy!’ This school day was one that every public school in the nation should emulate.

Plaudits to students, Mandie Luce, Jeanine Johnson, Gabe Federkeil, and all Kanab Middle School staff and teachers, along with any town warrior volunteers. I love you all!