The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has determined the hydropower license application for the Lake Powell Pipeline (LPP) project is Ready for Environmental Analysis. 

The LPP is a water project that will transport water to 13 southern Utah communities and generate electricity.

“This is a major milestone toward meeting southern Utah’s need to diversify its water supply and develop additional resources to meet anticipated demand,” said Eric Millis, Utah Division of Water Resources Director. “Permitting a water project is a lengthy process and this is a significant step.”

After the Ready for Environmental Analysis (REA) notice, federal and state agencies provide recommendations, terms and conditions on the hydropower license application. Interventions, public comments, recommendations, and terms and conditions are due within 60 days of the notice. Responses to submitted comments are due 105 days from issuance of the notice. To comment, citizens can visit The project number is 12966.  

The proposed LPP includes a water intake system at Lake Powell, 140 miles of underground pipeline, five pump stations to transport water through the pipe, and six hydroelectric facilities that will supply some of the energy to power the pump stations.

Following the REA announcement, an Environmental Impact Statement will be prepared to meet the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act.

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